Fishing can be an expensive sport these days.  This is due, partially at least, to the amount of technology which has been introduced into it.  Gone are the days when all one needed was a stick, some string, some sort of hook and bait.  Where’s the fun in that?  What?  Use skill and a good bit of luck to find the fish?  Not when you can actually look under the water to see where are the fish are.

All kidding aside, fish finders are big business these days in the world of fishing.  Whether your fishing for fun, recreation, or in tournaments, it seems the fish finders are now an integral part of the process.  It can be a cost process too, since some models of fish finders can sell for thousands of dollars.  But, let’s say you are on a budget of $300.00 to purchase one.  Is this possible?  Actually, it is.

Running a comparative search on the internet for fish finders, it was discovered there were several models of fish finders for under the budget number.  This was a surprise.  An added bonus is many of the models do not come bare, as in a stripped down model.

Models reviewed included color backlit screens, with wide viewing angles and anti-fog features.  For under $300.00, many models promise a dual channel sonar, with both side and bottom viewing, and an extra CHIRP feature which will allow the angler to actually target fish. This information can even be transmitted or streamed live to a smartphone via an app which is included with the software.

We all know that fishermen may like to embellish ‘the big one’ stories from time to time, but this moderately priced fish finder can even save the data stream so that one can review, rewind, and share the information at a later time, perhaps as proof of the one which got away!  The data can also be uploaded, from some units, directly to social media to share with others.  Perhaps it is a modern age when fishermen have proof to back up their big fish tales.

All kidding aside, the fish finders reviewed were a surprise, especially considering the low cost of the units.  For under $300.00, the consumer can also have a GPS feature, water temperature sensor, back lit screens, dual channels of sonar, pre-loaded maps of US lakes, ponds, streams, and coast line waterways.

When this article began, the author was rather skeptical of the quality of best fish finders under 300.  After all, technology is expensive.  While the accessories included in the models were very expensive, at least when first released, they have decreased in price with more improvements, bigger production amounts and more wide spread use.

Again, there are different accessories on different models, and it is up to the individual who is looking to purchase a fish finder, especially a mid-range model, to choose what his needs are at the time.